The End….

When I set up Inspired by Autism in 2013 I knew I could not provide services and support indefinitely. I had hoped to manage 5 years. I was of course going ahead with an uncertain initiative and had optimistically thought that improvements in support for people living with autism were about to be implemented . The Scottish Autism Strategy launched in 2011 gave us hope. Alas we were misled, let down and duped by what turned out to be nothing more than a political stunt. In addition the uk austerity agenda has decimated public services. In my experience and opinion autism support services in Scotland are in tatters. Our children affected by neuro diversity are being failed and damaged on a large scale and their families are left isolated, confused and even often blamed for the problems their children face.

  Subsequently my role at Inspired by Autism has been dominated by helping those living with autism to pursue basic statutory assessments and supports. The caseload has been relentless and overwhelming at times.

Last year following health problems I scaled back services but had tried to not simply drop those who come to the project needing help.

  Today I regret to inform you that I am no longer able to run Inspired by Autism and have decided to begin the process of winding up the charity permanently. This is based on both professional medical advice and discussions with my family.

I hope and pray that real change and improvements will occur in future but at this time the challenges are beyond the efforts of isolated individuals and for that I am deeply saddened and sorry. (8)

5 thoughts on “The End….

  1. So sorry to hear that Duncan. Health and family come first and you HAVE made a difference.
    All the best

  2. Thank you so much for trying , and we are all grateful for what you have done. You took on an enormous task with a big heart. You have not failed, the system has, especially in not listening to someone like you and working with you.

    Look after yourself, and you will have more time for your own caring role. I am full of admiration for what you have done over and beyond what most can manage.

    Best Lorna

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  3. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. I for one am honoured to know you and your have achieved much more than you think you have.

  4. My dearest Duncan, you have fought so hard and helped so many. Now you need to focus on you and your wonderful family. I personally thank you for every ounce of yourself you have given above and beyond to our children and to the fight. Xxcc

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